Victor W. Alting van Geusau, Esq. (LD) is an experienced lawyer and auditor, and is specialized in information law and privacy law.

Victor holds degrees from the law schools the University of Utrecht and the University of Amsterdam.

He has consulted for many organizations and helped them to streamline their business processes.

He has worked both as a subject matter expert and in various management positions.

He has published on diverse topics, such as project risk analysis methods, EDP auditing, system evaluation (operational quality, user satisfaction, system design and configuration) and business processes.

In his areas of expertise, Victor advises organizations in identifying and managing contract risks and regulatory requirements and in implementing compliance rules.

GDPR Compliance is specialized in implementing the General Data Protection Regulation in organizations. We have developed a methodology called SCHOLARFIT, which enables any organization to comply with the GDPR or any other regulation.

SCHOLARFIT is an acronym for the general business functions of an organization. These business functions are present in almost any organization, to a greater or lesser extent. These functions manage the organization and provide resources for executing the core tasks.

We are currently developing a software application to support your implementation.


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